Mosquito control

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Gal Cohen – Expert pest control consultant

None of us like getting bitten by a mosquito, which isn’t necessarily dangerous, but is always unpleasant. This is why we are constantly looking for ways to fight mosquitos. In every home, someone will always be sensitive to mosquitos and we will always buy products and different solutions intended to prevent mosquitos from flying around the room and biting. And yet, we all know that the best solution is mosquito control, or better yet, pest control in areas where mosquitos can develop.

Let us begin by saying that not everyone is mosquito-sensitive, but usually people with O blood type. Studies show that people with O blood type are more sensitive to mosquitos and mosquitos actually bite them twice more than people with any other blood type. Nonetheless, nobody likes mosquitos flying around the room, and we could all find ourselves getting bitten by them. In this case, as mentioned above, the best solution is preventing the development of mosquitos by eliminating stagnant water sources around the house, and using products and solutions to deal with the adult mosquitos, such as mosquito baits and mosquito repellents.

Unlike other pests, where the pest control treatment is usually performed directly on them, in cases of mosquito control, the treatment process is indirect and focuses on places where they incubate. Therefore, it is important to know where they incubate. Mosquitos are usually found in places with stagnant water, sewage pits, oxygenation ponds, unsealed water containers, and in general, places with exposed water.

Therefore, we can understand that the right process isn’t just mosquito control treatment, but preventing situations of exposed areas of water as well, exposed areas which can attract mosquitos. In situations where that’s not possible, pest control including chemical measures should be performed; namely scattering poisons which prevent mosquitos from incubating at the spot. Pest control should include scattering oily substances in the water, as well as biological pest control by using different products that include factors which mosquitos are unable to withstand, such as certain plants, fish, parasites, and more.

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