The Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus)

Returning control over the yard back to you

Gal Cohen – Expert pest control consultant

Returning control over the yard back to you

Have you also stopped enjoying hanging out peacefully in your yard?

Do you also fear getting stung every time you wish to entertain in the place where you’ve invested a large portion of your money?

Then you’ve probably turned, without realizing, into a captive of one of the most persistent, peskiest, and often dangerous pests in the world.

So who is the Asian tiger mosquito?

  • Aggressive and hostile
  • Chases you everywhere
  • Its black/white
  • Stings only during daytime (from dawn to dusk)


The Asian tiger mosquito is common all over the country and active throughout the year in spring and during the summer and following autumn. This mosquito is known to transmit dangerous diseases such as: Zika virus disease, Dengue fever, and Chikungunya fever. Its bite is very painful and it denies people the pleasure of hanging out in their gardens.

This mosquito invaded our country a few years ago and is a totally different species from the mosquitos we got used to over the years, that stings only at night.

It has a very limited flight range (about 100 sqm) and it develops in even the tiniest water reserves such as: small containers, at the bottom of flower pots, in clusters of wet leaves, faulty water drainage, air-condition ducts, etc., and as a result, its incubation centers will always be in your yard or in adjacent yards.

These facts will be crucial in determining the course of treatment.

Mosquito experts categorically recommend spraying insecticides on vegetation as part of the treatment against the Asian tiger mosquito!!!

The problem:

Detecting and preventing all sources of incubation in your home surroundings is a complex process and an almost impossible mission. Existing insecticides have a short activity span outdoors and therefore are less effective.

The solution:

The BUG, adult mosquito exterminator, designed for the targeted extermination of the Asian tiger mosquito.

The most effective eco-friendly product existing today, with excellent and proven results in the field.

The unique formulation of the BUG enables immediate extermination efficiency on one hand, and long-lasting peripheral protection on the other, by high-pressure spraying on the vegetation surrounding your house.

We can assert, with absolute certainty, that this specific measure of pest control will have a crucial effect on your quality of life and on reinstating the pleasure you derive from your yard.

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